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Unique Camel Carpet

Unique Collection


Técnica: Handwoven

Altura: 8 mm

Composición: 70% polyester - 30% cotton

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UNIQUE sets a new standard for your home. With its unique knit pattern and luxurious textures, this minimalist collection and muted tones is a true design classic. Elevate your home to a new standard with the Unique collection. Each stitch is unique, and this collection is distinguished by its unique stitch pattern and luxurious textures. The minimalist aesthetic and muted tones make Unique a true design classic, transforming every corner of your home into an expression of timeless elegance.
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Custom orders will be delivered within 10-12 weeks.

Please note that product dimensions may vary up to 8cm from original specifications.

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Unique Collection

Unique Collection

Explore the sublime elegance of Unique Collection, where design meets exclusivity. Each piece exudes sophistication, designed for those who appreciate beauty at its finest. Invite elegance and sophistication into your home with pieces that are synonymous with luxury and comfort.