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Duna Carpet

Duna Carpet

Glamor Collection


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The Duna rug, designed entirely from jute, is a natural and elegant option for your home. Its hand-woven texture and earthy tone create a cozy, organic feel in any space. The shape combines the simplicity and beauty of natural materials to add warmth and sophistication to your decor.


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Spezialbestellungen werden innerhalb eines Zeitraums von 10-12 Wochen geliefert.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Produktmaße bis zu 8 cm von den Originalspezifikationen abweichen können.

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Los artículos se envían en un plazo de 2 días laborales.

Duna Collection

Duna Collection

Duna Collection invites you on a journey of unprecedented luxury and design, each piece tells its own story. Select materials and innovative designs come together to create dream environments, full of comfort and style. Let Duna Collection transform your space, creating environments full of character and distinction.