The most personal space

We start the month of September, leaving the summer and looking forward to a new start. Let’s talk about one of the most personal spaces, the bedroom. Decorators and interior designers work on generating a cosy and personal space for the place where it is important for us to feel comfortable and wake up with a warm feeling.

We can choose different ways of placing the carpet in the bedroom. A large carpet will allow us to cover the whole base of the bed and frame it and that way when we get up, we step on a soft and comfortable rug.

In wide spaces, putting the carpet at the foot of the bed is a magnificent option to achieve a more welcoming room, eliminating the feeling of emptiness that is often generated in this type of space. This way, our CITY, BLOSSOM and BEREBER carpets accompany and furnish the excellent bedrooms of Mobenia in its NOX catalogue.

A common alternative is to place a carpet on each side of the bed. Here the large formats of the Mai Mai collection, placed from the headboard and beside table to the foot of the bed, will give us that comfort sought in small spaces. The Mai Mai collection, made by nomads from the Afghan mountains, are carpets with a unique design full of colours.

In children’s rooms, as the one presented by ORTS furniture, our Kilim from the DIAMONDS collection becomes the perfect place to play.

Finally, and as a souvenir of the summer, the carpets made of natural fibres are perfect for the summer season, fresh and made of jute. Muebles Exportjunk has combined its natural wood furniture with the CALA collection.

At the feet, framing the bed, on either side of the bed… there are many options for placing the carpet as well as a wide range of colours and materials that will make the bedroom a magnificent room.

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