Carbonell dental clinic

Located in Paiporta, a town near Valencia (Spain), we visited the new Carbonell dental clinic, a project of Made Studio that presents Kuatro carpets as part of their latest projects.

Treated like two projects in one, the space has been projected with a clear division between two worlds. On the one hand, the area of free movement and waiting area, conceived as a calm domestic and warm zone. Here our model Unique Sand generate an elegant and comfortable space together with the furniture and warm materials. On the other hand, the technical area, of restricted use for the professional use only and designed with a powerful aseptic and clinical aspect. Two antagonistic languages that connect and intertwine in a single project, capable of moving you from one environment to another in an easy and gentle way.

Unique is one of our hand-knitted polyester and cotton models and features different neutral colors.

Designer: Made Studio Photography: Made Studio

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