“Rosa Mexicano” by Nometri

Since Barragán’s speech, Nometri wanted to pay homage to color, so that it is possible to feel the energy and presence of the architect. There is balance and modernity, art and light. We find ourselves in an emotional space that provokes a gathering, which incites a meeting around the table. The geometric forms, the chromatic games and the irregular textures stand out, as well as the handling of light and the balance between the straight line of the architecture of Luis Barragán. Around this, we find contemporary artistic representations and design pieces in the form of sculptures such as the radiator and the porcelain figures. They are different expressions that come together in a multidisciplinary space, which serves as a dining room, art gallery and studio. Nometri uses ceramics, clay, wood, metals, fabrics and natural fibers with our Le Marche collection orange colour. On the other hand, technical and decorative lighting contributes to creating a cozy effect.

Designer: Nometri · Ana Mª Fernández Photography: Luis Hevia

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