Under the slogan “Where we let go of all the superfluous and are ourselves”, Mobenia presents its new NOX catalogue of Mediterranean bedrooms, in which the carpets of Kuatro are included in their new collections.

The subtlety of the title “Land”, designed by Made Studio, is accompanied by evocative memories of carved lands. Land is accompanied by the model Blossom Gold, a hand-knotted carpet of excellent quality.

Evoking the classic shapes, the seam ornaments of “Geo”, designed by Made Studio, form elegant volumes that stand out for their formal subtlety but strong personality. The hand-woven carpet Horizon accompanies Geo.

Liin is an exercise in abstraction and dynamism. A design of the Mobenia team that is perfectly balanced with Kuatro’s City Ivory.

Doan unleashes the imagination. Its panels combine a thousand and one shapes, and when it comes to a geometric composition, Diamonds is the best companion to complement the environment.

Our Blossom carpet, for its versatile character, has been selected to accompany two of the collections of the new NOX catalogue, Pars, designed by Carlos Tíscar and Dodó de Dsignio.

Finally, Trapez is a head of curved lines specially designed to get a sweet and cozy bedroom. Berber DR 266 combines perfectly with Trapez.

Thanks to Mobenia for the transfer of the photos.

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