Goodbye winter, welcome spring!

Kuatro is ready to welcome spring! And you??

Now that the good weather is coming, our kilims show their fresh look and offer many ideas to decorate interior and (covered) exterior spaces with the exoticism of distant lands.

Kuatro owns a wide collection of attractive kilims, that are great heat insulators; made with short wool pile, they provide your house with a plus of comfort and warmth, allowing any space to acquire a charming look.

BEREBER is our most delicate and fresh collection; together with DIAMONDS collection we mean to present kilims with new design and neutral colors, which make your house more attractive.

Our MAI MAI collection adds more colours and texture thanks to its geometric design and exuberant style.

The rugs in the Mai Mai collection have an unique design; made by the nomads of the Afghan mountains, each rug has its own life resulting in its differed and special design.

Take advantage of the great decorative touch of kilims! An exotic touch to add colours, contrasts and textures.

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