Carpets playing with textures and patterns

The Sapphire Collection proposes carpets in different skin types. The very essence of the skin in a collection of carpets with a fun approach, playing with pieces of different patterns, or more classic, combining strips of different textures. many neutral tones or color combinations for different decorative styles.

The rugs in this collection are available in the following dimensions:
Multiround: 1.50 x 1.50 m
Multiborder: 1.80 x 2.40 m
Black stripes silver acid: 1.70 x 2.40 m
Black mix: 1.80 x 2.40 m
Cuarterone: 1.80 x 2.40 m
TN Border: 1.40 x 2.00 m
Multi-acid colors: 1.40 x 2.00 m

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Juanico Design
Andreu World

Architects Hadit S.L.

Koske Virosque


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