The emotion of walking on a carpet of Kuatro Carpets

The sensations when walking on a carpet of Kuatro Carpets cannot be explained with technical details, measurement or materials, it’s an emotional experience that goes beyond what is esthetically appropriate or not. It is the philosophy of the brand, a company with years of experience in the carpet sector, which nowadays maintains a different concept of creation.

In Kuatro Carpets, products like carpets, pillows, chairs, buckets, cushions and leather cubes are no longer only decorative or practical items for spaces as home or any other space to become key pieces that delights sensations through textures, a wide variety of tones and combinations, and a process that embrace each part in the same way.

Every lifestyle and personal taste have a place in Kuatro Carpets, as each piece can be made to measure, so each carpet or dreamed supplement becomes real.

Another value of the business philosophy of Kuatro Carpets is that there are not two spaces alike, each client and project are unique so the technical department is able to design carpets either for exterior or interior, in any materials and finishes.

Moreover, an essential contract line is specially designed for hotels, restaurants, sports complexes or any type of building. Working closely with interior designers and architects is the key to transform a space into a place with a high level of personality and style.

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